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Final Results Today:

I am thrilled with how this car came out! It is averaging 19mpg with me on the throttle wot constantly. It’s so much fun to drive... and it’s hard not to wind it up to 7500rpms.

I feel like there have been minimal compromises in comfort or amenities and this car is still perfectly suitable as a daily driver with full interior and oem creature comforts. The ride is firmer than stock but it’s definitely not jarring and is perfectly comfortable as a daily. The good reports of the BMW performance suspension’s ride quality is what steered me that way and I couldn’t be more pleased with the ride quality.

That being said even though I favored comfort for the suspension aspect, I’m also quite certain this car will out handle a stock e92m3. (It’s about 400-500lbs lighter and running more camber and a suspension spec’ed at least equal to that car.)

As far as power goes, I’m very pleased as well. This car is around 260whp and has acceleration comparable to Civic Type R, Golf R Manual, and E46M3. Here’s my 2 best 1/4 miles so far. These are with revving to 2500rpms and dropping the clutch.

I’m not a pro at drag racing but I believe a 2.00 second 60’ is possible with slipping the clutch which should land a 13.5-13.6 second @ ~103mph 1/4 mile...

And my favorite feature... There isn’t one “M” Badge anywhere on this car. It’s not an M car and not pretending to be.

A few Glamour Shots:

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