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Originally Posted by N54Society View Post
I just did transmission oil, pan/filter, sleeve adaptor, and those rubber tubes (the name escapes me). My shifts are a lot better but the down shift 2-1 is still a bit bumpy. I should have done solenoids while in there but I told myself I wouldn't mind digging back in there a second time if need be. I can do it fast now, and alone (if you don't count the jack that helps me hold things when I unbolt). Lol.
i just did the exactly same. i had a transmission fault and limp mode, code 4f86, that's the reason i did it. but now i have the jerky 2-1 shift problem(not before), everything else seems to be fine. but i'm in no mood to go back in again to just change all the solenoids. it's too much hard work without an access to a lift. the jerk is not too noticeable. it's obvious to me because i've had the car for 4 years. if it throws no code, i'm gonna leave it alone and trying to sell the car.