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Originally Posted by masterstone View Post
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I wouldnt use the term fail, but the stock wastegates arms can fall out of spec within 30-60k miles and cause rattle. It's not a big deal that they are rattling, as long as they seal and boost up well the rattles can stay for another 50- 70k Miles. Usually, it's the rear turbo that will rattle since it's exposed to more heat, and it can easily be adjusted from the top back into spec, quiet just like new. The front turbo is a bitch to get to but there's another adjustment from the top you can do by way of shims. This is due to the rod and nut design of the wastegate actuator arm. Aftermarket turbos have the same issue and can rattle, though it might take a little longer to get to that point.

Often though folks think the rattle is due to the wastegate or arm, but it's actually due to a vaccuum line leak elsewhere, so always check and replace your lines first before messing with the arms.

Since yours is a 2011 is, you would have the updated actuator arm with a bigger rod arm vs what the originals came with. I'd say the rods are good for 150k, the flapper as well, but depends on many factors. If you remember that these turbos were installed on tens of thousands of vehicles that shared these turbos, they last a long time well past 100k Miles in most cases.
Nice, I appreciate the concise reply. Firstly that's a relief.

Follow up question, I've heard about the shim idea, would it be advantageous to do this right away to avoid potential problems?
No, I wouldn't make any adjustments until or unless it falls out of spec. You would not be preventing anything by inserting shims when they were not needed.
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