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Agreed. Check the fluid level
Agreed as well....check the fluid level. If you filled the transmission while the car was off and in park, the level will be low. the car must be on and in Nuetral or drive while you fill the transmission. It should be filled until it starts to seep out while it is running.
To add to that, the car MUST BE level.

1) after installing the new pan filter, do an initial fill and lightly screw in the fill plug.

2) start the car, and run it threw the gears a few times

3) leave the car running

4) find a way to measure the temp of the AT Fluid, either INPA, ISTA, Foxwell, or a digital laser gun style heat measurement tool.

It must be level and the temp of the fluid should be between 86 and 120 degrees before you do a final fill. Fill the pan until fluid starts to run out of the pan. Then screw in the fill plug & torque down to 25# or so.

If you really want to get 99% of the fluid out of the AT, then you need to do a flush via the trans cooler line. Really, really easy if you have the special trans cooler line tool/ key. The key can be bought on Amazon or FCP. CTA makes the affordable version of this tool for around $13.00.