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Originally Posted by Boco335iXdriveSE View Post
I used 91 from the ESSO, and I have to fill it up just once after picking up my car 3 weeks ago, as I was not driving it for the first week because of the snow. After filling up the tank, I drove for two days with not problem. And on the 3rd day (yestrday), the service egine light (in yellow) lit up and will not go away. I tried to start the engine this morning and the yellow service engine light's still one and won't go away.
honestly sometimes the cars are finiky. it could be a loose sensor or something. so it just causes an immediate fault or engine code.

i use canadian tire gas and never had an issue. i would use petro can otherwise if i can. i think they are part of suncor now which used to be shell. shell 94 was always good stuff.