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Originally Posted by EyeGuy View Post
Great info!! I might just man up and drive it down. I figure $200 on gas and about $100 on a hotel room. Plus piece of mind knowing the car will be in my hands. A lot of those enclosed transports are over a grand.
honestly, its more than that (i wish it was that simple)... i'm gonna be the debbie downer and bust some bubbles here:

1) on long road trips, people usually speed... which means more rock chips and bugs on the front of the car.
2) you are often driving in unfamilar locations which means a higher rate of error/issues coupled with you are not near home so you are out of your element for emergency repairs and far from friends (unless u happen to be near a friendly e90post member).
3) accidents, tickets, busted tires, failed water pump, etc... all common bad luck things always happen when you are in a loaded car on a long drive (Murphys Law)?
4) the cost of gas and tolls will usually be more than the shipping cost... save yourself the hotel costs and long mind numbing drive... ship it.