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Originally Posted by meyergru View Post
I really wonder how you managed to go from v27.2 to v31.1. Here you say on 08-13-2008 that you just traded in your 325i for a new 335i. If it was new, it should have had Progman with at least v29.2 right from the start.

And if that is the case, you can imagine the question that follows next: "Have you ever driven a pre-v29.2 car to be so sure you don't have the Lag (tm) or are you just happy to be better off than with the previous 325i?"

No offense intended, just asking. Nice ride, BTW.
Nice sleuthing, but I bought it ex-demo. The date on the hood shows that it was built in Sep 2007 even though it was registered in January 2008. It had v27.2 on it from the factory and hadn't been reflashed until last week. I'm happy to answer any questions you all have, just let me know...
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