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Originally Posted by slubu View Post
If I read meyer's post correctly, it goes like this:

Pre 9/07 builds: MSD80 and older turbos/wastegates.
9/07 - 3/08 builds: MSD80 and newer turbos/wastegates.
3/08 and later builds: MSD81 and newer turbos/wastegates.

The change to MSD81 is not set in stone in terms of when it happened in March, so if you are a 3/08 build you have to manually check the ECU to find out.
Yup, it goes like that.

BTW: Although there are 4 part numbers for turbos in the ETK, there are actually only two types of turbos that were used - the other two ETK numbers are for right hand drive cars - yes, the turbos are different for those.

MSD81 cars apparently never had any software-related problem since - according to BMW - there was never a software fix for the rattle. So maybe we owe an excuse to MSD81 owners stating they have no lag. Although the measurement still says that full boost is achieved only after 1700 RPM (this is not in the article!).

MSD80 owners can get a downgrade in a short while. But cars built before 09/07 face the risk of wastegate rattling if they are downgraded.

On MSD80/81 differentiation: You can also look it up in the ETK by your VIN number if the ETK is young enough.