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Originally Posted by clivem2 View Post
So does this mean that MSD81 cars should perform the same as MSD80 cars pre 29.2? Reports of people taking test drives suggests the latest cars are still not as good as the early cars.
That is what I gleaned from several reports as well (not having driven one myself), despite BMW saying that there was no necessity to change wastegate behaviour with MSD81.

Shiv's posting here seems to second BMW's claim. Although he also says: "Maybe not as responsive but very close.".

Originally Posted by Tschuss View Post
It's hard to hold out hope if BMW thinks that the MSD81 cars don't have the problem.

Mine is a 2006 build. Old turbos/wastegates vs new turbos/wastegates. I've been keeping up with this thread but what exactly was changed with the wastegates and turbos?

It was a hardware fix for the problem described in this SIB.
There are part numbers of the wastegate actuator replacements in the SIB that are not available separately in the ETK. The ETK only holds part numbers for the turbos including actuators. I don't really know if there has been changed something in the turbos themselves as well. That would make a difference only in terms of material cost, work is expensive anyhow.

Here is a nice explanation of the problem. In order to cut cost, BMW first tried to solve that problem by a software fix (first in v29.2), keeping the wastegates open during idle, thus causing lag.