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Originally Posted by meyergru View Post
Correct. Sorry for my bad english. About the needed apology:

When I read shaddai's and RBBMWE46M3's last postings, I am not so sure about that. I repeat: Despite BMW saying that MSD81 software never had the wastegate rattle fix, I really doubt that those cars were completely like the MSD80 with pre-v29.2. Very close, but not completely.
I've never driven a pre 29.2 car so I'm having to interpret views on how they perform to judge how my MSD81 30.0.2 delivers. Being totally subjective I have the opinion that my car has something like 25% of the problem that the original gang of six talk about. It's hard to know and quite probably there's a threshold of detuning/lag that once crossed totally frustrates. Even 150ms is 1.5 of a tenth of a secornd, add this to the normal delay between pressing the throttle and response we could be talking about a total delay of say 3/10ths to 5/10ths of second - annoying.

As I drive my car more I find I'm using over 3,000 revs more often because there's more happening up there. My gut feel is that 80% of the torque is present 2000 to 3000 rpm.
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