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Originally Posted by whyzee125 View Post
It will make a huge difference if it's a quality or ceramic film. There are several kinds like Llumar air blue 80 that look pretty much clear but block tons of heat. I have 35% on my full windshield on my 4runner and it's the best mod I've ever done to any car I've owned. Surprisingly it's not hard to see out of at all but it does look quite dark from outside. It's pretty common in my area (rednecks in Tennessee lol) so cops have never given me any trouble for it.
Sweet! I definitely think I’m gonna do it then. And I was gonna get a nice high quality ceramic tint if I did. But I’ll have to give my tint shop a call and see what they can do! Idk how they’ll get around my inspection sticker though! Lol

Just an update... got the windshield tint installed. Went with 70%. SOOOO much better my car stays a lot cooler in the front where the sun use to come through and heat up the front seats. Not gonna post a pic cause it’s barely noticeable lol

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