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Recently, I created a post called, “Why you should never buy CIC navigation systems from non-professionals”, which many forum users have found helpful. Due to some of the recent events, I decided to create this thread to bring to your attention some of the issues that you may encounter when you order Combox Media / 6NR retrofits from non-professionals (Ebay, Amazon, amateurs, etc).

When you buy Combox Media / 6NR retrofit from non-professionals, you may end up in a situation when you have spent a couple of hundred dollars on the retrofit that does not work at all for one of the following reasons:

1. The seller does not take the time to understand your vehicle’s current options and configurations and sells you a standard kit, which is not compatible with your vehicle, because your vehicle is not Combox-ready and misses the required items for correct installation. When you contact the seller for support you do not get any help, and your local BMW is not able to help you as well. So you have spent money for a retrofit and received nothing in return. There is a way to remedy this situation, but few people/companies know how to do this, Bimmer Retrofit is one of them.

2. You were lucky, and the seller sent you the complete Combox Kit for your specific vehicle, but it still does not work, because coding is required. However, the seller either (a) did not tell you about this in advance, or (b) does not know how to do PROPER coding. Either way, you will be stuck with a Combox Media / 6NR that do not function properly, because no coding has been done or has been improperly done.

In the example that serves as the basis of this post, the customer purchased from eBay and found himself in exactly this situation. For two months he was trying to figure out why his Combox / Connected Drive is not working and was not able to find a solution, until he found Bimmer Retrofit.

When you buy from eBay or other non-professionals, please be very careful and make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for your money before your commit to buy.