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Parrot mki-9100 aux-in versus direct


I recently ordered this parrot bluetooth device, and I read a lot about it on this forum, and almost everybody recomends to use the aux-in connection, but I don't really see the benefits, at least in my situation.

I have the base stereo system, with the business cd HU. I am looking to upgrade the sound system, with all the speakers connected to an amp. I know I have to recode the HU to hi-fi (I won't be using a sound processor).

So (in my situation), wouldn't it be better to use an adapter for the parrot, to connect it directly between the HU and the speakers? Wouldn't it sound better? Why should I route parrot's signal throught this rather poor quality HU? Plus the parrot has 4x20W rms output, my HU only has 4x15W.