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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
hearing from who? the companies who sell piggybacks?

the first obd-II flash tune for the n54 took like 3 years.

its only been barely 2 years for the n55.

no doubt they will get the obd-II based tunes done for these cars, just like they did for the n54, and just like they have done for every other car that is being made today.

the only delay imo is demand. there is such a higher demand for n54 based tunes that the n55 is on the back burner. as more cars get sold with n55 motors, the profitability of a product for them goes up, and thats when things will get done.
You're right.. There is no such thing as an un-crackable DME or anything for that matter. Its just a matter of how much time and how much money you want to throw at it. There needs to be a cost benefit there, and obviously the N54 market is still king, both for the flashes and the piggies so a lot of energy and resources are still devoted to the N54.

I know Terry from BMS is now also focused on the N20 so there is a lot of future development companies need to look at as the N20 market will potentially be bigger then the N55 market so hopefully the N55 doesn't get bypassed in development.