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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
I have the mtech/msport package and it didn't seem to come with an oil cooler or even the option to I guess they only see 335s and m3's needing it
Btw, mobil 1 is no where near 90. 7 qts. + filter only costs 60-75 buying separately or even in packages shipped from a website. Good thing you didn't sucker down to it, the other few bucks is for "labor" (there's really nothing to it. Its a rip off as I see it and a simple and quick diy.)
I guess they love suckering the people who are lazy or don't have the knowledge or tools to do so
Yes, I think the extra heat from the exhaust warming the air and getting compressed through the turbos makes the engine run hotter. I haven't really heard of the NAs getting overheated much...

FWIW the $90 is total cost. BUT, have you been to Autozone, O'Reilly, or Pep Boys? Autozone, as well as the others, has them on special every 3 months or so for around $30+ for 5 qts and an oil filter. (You can check their ads on their websites for when it is available. They cycle the major brands so it's around 3 months before the next time Mobil 1 goes up. I usually stock up and if you are in the Autozone rewards program every 4 or 5 purchases over $20 gets you some money to spend there as well. I forget if it's $10 or $20.) I usually can't find oil cheaper online anywhere because of shipping costs. Anyways, I sucked up as much of the oil in the oil filter housing as I could without getting burned too much with paper towels, put the new oil filter in, and put about 6.5 qts BMW oil in. I did a reset with the Bavarian tech tool, and it said next change at 16000 mi. It seemed the level was not completely full, so I put the remaining half qt in. The level then went to the top. (From what I recall from the dealer it would say 13000mi. It makes me wonder....)

Searching on realoem shows that both housings are the same. I then took the part number from realoem to getbmwparts. It seems it is good for a lot of engines through 2011, so yours should be the same also. I don't know much about the N55.... You can do a retrofit if you really want to, I think. Dinan has them for the LCIs, and Mtech, at least for '08, last time I checked. Too bad the 15% off sale is up. (It took me about a week because it was my first major project on a BMW, and I was working at night when my son was asleep. I think on the NAs, maybe the N52, you can access all the bolts to the housing without having to lift up the intake manifold, but for the N54 at least, I needed to lift it up. Not sure of the N51. The curvature of the intake pipes is more curved on the N54. (Someone posted a DIY on how to replace an oil filter housing gasket, same as replacing the housing, without moving the intake manifold, but just looking at my N54 I realized there was no way the top bolt was going to come out without moving it.) I could try to verify that the intake manifolds are diffferent if really needed...

I think one of the most difficult parts was putting the bumper back on. I had a lot of times where I didn't know how to take off a part. I couldn't take out the junction box(?) at one point, so instead of removing the intake manifold completely, I could only lift it up. The bumper was a tight fit with the larger Dinan cooler. I actually didn't have the original one so I can't really compare. (It was funny as my dad saw my progress and said I was ruining my perfectly good, almost new, car. It still has less than 5k on the ODO.)

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