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Originally Posted by Mark Chen View Post
oh I think I remember your car
a black G coupe at the outside field which closer to the gate right?
I didn't have a parking spot last year so I always have to get up early and go to school to find a parking spot around campus.
Finally have a parking permit this year
yup that was me. If you set up your schedule to start at 8, you dont even need a spot, so thankfully everything worked out for me. Luckily for you that you got a spot, becareful in there tho, lots of piegons shitting everywhere and people swinging doors open . I always parked in a last spot to have enough clearence away from the car next to me.

I noticed a e92 White on black 328xi, did you happen to see it also? it was parked near the outr fields. no mods, just one of the few e92s ive seen around campus. 2nd actually.