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Originally Posted by skyrunner
Originally Posted by lemans 330d View Post
as mobilejo has said the knobs cant be pulled off like the stereo the unit is a 2 min job to pop out.
you are better off opening the unit and replacing the board inside as the climate panel is linked to your pollen filter service so if you put a different panel in it throws your service schedule out and can t be reset either by you or the dealers.

its really a 5 min job in total.
I kept my old panel with the board swapped so i could put back standard if i ever sold my car which i do on a regular basis
Cheers for the heads up on that, noted!

Having picked a climate unit up with radio buttons on eBay for £30 delivered I'm quite pleased! It should give a nice refresh
You outbid me! I was going for that aswell. Oh well