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Great video...many thanks to you Graham for posting it...I love it when folks present things and encourage frank and open dialogue...the willingness to open one's mind and consciousness to other experiences only serves one to gain wisdom and understanding rather than stay stuck in a narrow sliver of what you thought you knew.
I found the video thought provoking...where is the confluence between religion, spirituality and God? As another poster indicated, sometimes we see things as we are...instead of how they we are choosing to interpret the data...what to give more credence to and what we choose to give less.
I will say that there have been more people killed in the name of God than most anything else and that is most unfortunate. As the video pointed out, how do we get to a point where someone in a particular religion beautifies everything they believe when denigrating "the other" as unholy or sinful? Apparently they might have passed over the root of the word sin coming from the Greek word which simply means to "miss the mark" or "to miss the target" as in how about doing it again, instead of self deprecation.
I really liked the piece of all being one...of the sense of interconnection...
whether it is a new born baby or a distant nova...we all come from the same source...that's powerful
Thanks for the posting!