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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
Stock motor or a built 2.3-2.4 liter?

370 sound super inflated. What was the stock power. Typically an Evo 8 with FBO and Cam can make 325-335WHP, if you add meth you can usually see another 30WHP at best. These are very high numbers for stock turbo and at that point most people opt in for a better stock frame turbo cause the top end of the stock turbo is for the birds.

The thread starter should be right at 390WHP with his modifications, and trapping a solid 115.

If there is one thing I do know, The evo 8 will still give any car a good run from a dig, 20 roll, or 40 roll, I know I had a run in with one when I was about 400WHP, and he got the jump on me hard from a 40 roll, it took me till 120 to catch up and pass him, but that was my bad on the driving.

Edit- I see your're in Germany, you have better gas LOL You might be able to squeeze that out of it in hindsight.

Jeff thats about right for a evo 8 fbo 325-335 awhp on a dyno-jet. My evo8 fbo put down 324 awhp and 319 awtrq, that was with cams also but was still running a high flow cat. With no cat maybe another 10 hp. I then swapped my turbo to a fp green and ran meth and made 390 awhp with 365 awtrq, just for refrence the car made 240awhp/240 awtrq stock. I do still have my evo 8 but also have the 335xi with just a cobb ap and afe cai. Just to compare the 335xi with just the intake and cobb ap made 327 awhp/360 awtrq on the same dyno as my evo. I would say the beemer felt as fast as the evo 8 fbo. Then again now would be a different story seeing that my evo has just a little more power.