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Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
Not sure what new age cancer treatment you are talking about? Everyone should be able to get it, but your insurance may not pay for it. There is a lot of medical development in the US, and not all of it is proven. Therefore, the insurance companies often act like a filter in approving/denying coverage for certain procedures. A person might have one brain tumor in their life, whereas an insurance company will see thousands in a year: they have the data and tools to know which procedures have the best outcomes, and which docs and facilities do the best job. And that's who they sign contracts with, because the best outcome is often the cheapest for them in the long run, and keeps their customer (typically your employer) happy. Many people hate on insurers (and often rightfully so), but there is a benefit to sick people in this area.

Of course, now we have the government even further in the mix...

I haven't had actual experience with the Japanese system, but I do know that they collect statistics very differently than we do, so you can't really compare outcomes. The docs over there were having a problem some years ago because they wouldn't tell patients when they had a disease like cancer, because they didn't want to offend them. Japan does not count infant deaths that occur within 24 hours of birth in their infant mortality statistics. We do in the US, and it accounts for half of our infant mortality numbers.
When I use "new-age" I'm not refering to a specific treatment, just a broad term referring to our often world-leading development to fight diseases once thought incurable. Stats be damned, my wife's experience with both, and coming from a socialistic government leaves much to be desired with the US medical system. Subsidized pre-natal care is amazing too when we payed 500JPY for ultrasounds and other care, different reasons of course considering the rapidly aging population of that country. When I used the hospital for an examination it cost me about $500 USD without any insurance and a non-citizen, I can imagine it would have cost me 4 times as much if I went to Kaiser or some other hospital. Lunacy.
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