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...If a majority of that 47% of Americans are that poor, we've got an even bigger problem...

Good morning, time to smell the coffee. We have a massive problem in the US with income inequality that the right-wing doesn't want to acknowledge (unless it is to call them all lazy).

Nearly ONE THIRD of US households make a total of between zero and 26K a year. With an average of two people in each of these households in these statistics, TOGETHER their income is just an average of 12K-18K a year. That is 6K-9K per person in these (on average) 2 person households.

So do you still think we can run our country by tapping these folk's paychecks? The folks who make on average around 12K-17K a year? There is nothing there to tap.
Might have to do with the extremely broken education system. I don't know the prior statistics but I highly doubt they were this high. Teachers unions and tenures are a major factor for why our children are not getting a proper education. Teachers aren't being paid enough and it seems anyone can become one. Also, an overwhelming majority of African-Americans are receiving some sort of government handout, the number is over 80% which is frightening. Also, there are many physically able to work people who are on food stamps and welfare. Make them contribute to society in some way. Take the illegals jobs for all I care. These physically able welfare recipients should take the "jobs Americans aren't willing to do" because they have to give to receive. Otherwise they're not incentivized to work.