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Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
What does nice have to do with anything?

I will read what you have posted thoroughly and get back.

But I have read through all this over the years (especially since I have owned MANY cars and have dealt with warranties...especially extended warranties).

If it was so easy for a dealer to look at your car when you bring it in and deny you coverage on a broken window motor just because you have different wheels on the car than what came with it....why would not do it everytime? They could save so much money if this was the case.

What you are putting out has to be bad info. It just can't be that easy...
Remember we are talking 2 different things. Factory warranty, you're right, it's not that easy. The law protects us. But with service contracts (aftermarket/extended warranties) that is not the case. Even just a google search of magnuson moss and service contract would turn up a ton of info for you.

Also it should be noted that a CPO is the same as a factory warranty for this purpose.

Now, even though they CAN deny your coverage for such instances as to what my experience was, most times they won't, because honestly that would be bad business. I'm not sure what the deciding factor is though. I tried to pursue a legal option only to find out I had no recourse.

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