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Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
That's a good response...I'll take that...but I still think I can find at least one hole in this, lol...
If you do, I'd love to know. lol. I lost a pretty penny let me tell you. Fortunately my experiences and the others I know, that is NOT the typical experience. Again I have no idea the deciding factor. The best theory I could surmise from my experience was this:

When a major repair is needed (something in excess of X dollar amount), the warranty underwriters or company or whatever send out some kind of claims adjuster, and that person determines if and what is covered, or what is denied. For one reason or another, they occasionally deny claims for some pretty ridiculous reasons. In the case of my friend with the carbon fiber hood, his friend was a mechanic at the dealership. His friend witnessed this adjuster come in, see the car and the carbon fiber hood from a distance of 20 feet, and walk out. And that was it. Claim denied because the car was 'altered'.

Again, not the norm, but possible. People should just understand there is some risk. :/