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The thread "Performing your own new car prep" suggests Poorboy's Wheel Sealant. If I'm treating my wheels as I am my paint, is this needed? Does it provide easier cleaning and/or better defense against brake dust, etc.? Yesterday I put on a coat of Z2 and Z8, and did the same for my wheels, and can't imagine them looking any better (unless I take them off my car for more thorough cleaning).

Also, finishing my detailing today I realized I do not have any interior trim cleaner (i.e., dash, door trim, etc.). The thread mentioned above suggests Aerospace 303 for the trim. Is this your choice for interior trim, or if not, what is? Is the product called "Aerospace 303 Protectant"?

I took a shortcut today, and actually used Mother's FX Tire Shine, even though I wouldn't use it long term. I first put it on my applicator pad, and the interior looks really good, though I do want to buy some proper interior trim protectant/cleaner.

EDIT: Another question, David. I do have a couple very minor scratches in my car, that I didn't even notice until it was detailed. You have stressed that swirls cannot be removed by hand. I'm a bit confused reading Zaino's application instructions for their Z-PC. In part, it reads,

"For HAND use: apply a small amount of Zaino Z-PC Fusion to a cotton or foam applicator pad (draw an "X" from corner-to corner of your pad). Work a small area (no bigger than 2' x 2') with the Zaino Fusion, using firm motions. Work the product for as long as necessary - stop to occasionally check your progress. Circular motions may be used, but always finish with front-to-back or up-and-down motions...".

It then continues with directions for machine use. What is your take on this?

I've never used the PB wheel sealant. I only use Z2 on my rims and I am very happy with how it performs. IMO, don't waste your money on any wheel specific sealant. Your Zaino will do a fine job (if not better) on your rims.

The product for use on interiors is called 303 Aerospace Protectant. I personally very rarely use a product on my dash. I prefer to just dust with a damp MF towel and leave it at that. However, in the odd times I have applied a dressing to the dash, I have reached for 303. It is water based and has UV protection.

For the most part, swirls cannot be properly removed by had, which is why I always recommend a machine for swirl removal. However, for faint spot swirls here and there, you can give the ZPC a whirl by hand. I have used it by hand on my Boston Green paint with good success on very faint towel swirls.