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So i talked to a different muffler shop, and the guy there has 35 years experience and told me that pretty much no matter what you do to a BMW's inline6 is not going to make it sound deep and throaty like a muscle car... O_o i mean, right now <5000rpm i sound like a beast, but after that it's raspy and ricey (for those of you who seen my DIY video, a take off is demonstrated at the end) and he says there's nothing you can do about that... i'm thinking in his 35 years, he hasn't tried enough muffler/glass pack/resonator variations to know that for certain... his shop mostly does repairs on old catalytic converters, installing aftermarket (pre-fabricated) exhaust on consumer's cars that don't know how to do it themselves... i think if someone had access to a bmw and tried out different combinations you could come up with something really good... O_o that's what Active Autowerks does, right? and Supersprint?
I dunno though... i'm still going forward with this, but i mainly don't want to be THE annoying guy in my community with a loud ass exhaust screaming at 6:45am when i go to work... it's not necessary and i would be a hypocrite if i didn't fix my own issues with being loud... so, i think with catless headers and everything else except a mid-muffler would be just the ticket...