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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
Have you ever designed speakers before?
A 5 inch speaker that goes in a 4 inch hole would be nice.
Seriously not kidding.

Things to consider
of the three sound system's that BMW offers only the L7 has
close to enough power to make a quality speaker sound good.
So you need to offer and amp or amp processor solution to.

A low cost or lower cost lower panel that would allow the mounting
of bigger or deeper speakers in the useless map area might get
some interest. Jehnert makes them but they pretty are expensive.

I might choose a different name for your comapny.
I can see the marketing line now
Do want a Scar in your Car.
Not trying to be offensive but I think I would try to choose a name
that was a little more ethereal.

Have you done any marketing research to see if you have a viable
market. Like most of the company's that are in this space have to appeal
to multiple brands of cars and I don't think its to easy .

I applaud you for trying to be inventive.
Thing is i have connections with a couple of build houses and wanted to give a shot at having something built so i figured the need for a 4" component set that doesn't cost $400-600 a set would be a nice start. I have never built a speaker but i do know whats needed and whats the best materials for a great sounding set. I also been talking with a couple of engineers that gave me a lot of info and told me that the idea i have should work and Im in the right path but i just need to do a lot of testing.

Ps. Skar audio is not the name brand lol..... Its another brand that Im representing
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