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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
There's always room for improvement so I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying to do something different. Hybrid Audio is a fairly new company and started out very small. I'm sure people told Scott Buwalda "why do you think you can do better than the big companies that are already out there" and it's a good think he didn't listen.

To the OP, your comment about testing multiple drivers leads me to believe that you are trying to put together a component set using readily available raw drivers and trying to build or specify custom passive crossovers for them. If that is the case, then I agree with cdgatti that you will find it very difficult to make this work better than what's already available. If you are actually attempting to design a new driver in conjunction with a build house then hats off to you for the effort.
Thanks a lot man. Variety is always nice lol. Just to clear things up Im not just buying raw drivers and building them into a component set. Im actually having a couple of 4" midrange drivers built to my specifications and testing them individually till i find the right one and than Im going to match up some tweeters and build a passive crossover that will utilize the two in a great smooth frequency response.
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