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Originally Posted by MPBK View Post
Are you serious?
You must be either young of age or new to BMW.
They charged me $1000+ for xenon lights back in 2000. It's standard issue now.
Same for sunroofs, power seats, KH audio, USB port, etc, etc. All chargeable options.
Why? Competition, technology update, etc.
First of all, a company that claims to be technology-savvy has nothing to gain from intentionally running their engines at less than optimal point, when a simple software update can make it produce 20 more hp with same fuel economy and emissions.
Second, they can claim 320hp in their brochures, instead of only 300hp. If they make an extra sale based on that claim, they stand to make a lot more profit than the $600 they are charging today. Isn't that more than enough reason?

Actually this has been a trend in the car industry for quite a while now. Not just BMW.
I still remember when back window defogging (the resistance strips built into the glass) was a charged option.
I don't think we are talking about the same thing at all my friend.

This is a BMW Performance upgrade.

Saying that in the year 2000 BMW charged for sunroofs, and now they don't, could not be more irrelevant.

Bet you $100 BMW will never offer this "for free".

If what you are implying is in future model years the car will be rated with 320 hp instead of 300, I could believe that.

But it's not because they added the Performance Edition tune to the car "for free". It's because they changed the way they tuned the engine from the get go.

Maybe we are arguing over language
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