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Originally Posted by 8URV8 View Post
E85 is a mix typical gas is 10% ethanol where as E85 is usually 85% ethanol the rest is gas...From all the true "tests" I have seen it is the equlivent of 104ish octane...From running it in my bike that is turbo and non intercooled I have noticed that the bike runs much much cooler on E85 than on 91 or even 110...
Understood and agree, but read the Wiki report... it claims E85 at only 94-96 octane.

The general consensus on numerous car performance mod forums is that E85 is really in the 104oct realm, yet this report which on the surface looks professional and genuie seems to boldly contradict the higher octane claims.

My post was meant to point out some obvious questions with the reports findings... Not saying which is right or wrong, but am motivated to continue to look into this topic for sure