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Syndiesel and BMW 335d

OK so you are drag racing. We should get a little competition going with the Syndiesel drivers!

OK here is some free advice, you can run Syndiesel straight in your engines with the addition of a lubricity additive (any one will work). Your engines will sense the higher cetane and make the appropriate adjustments.

These engines run best on 52-55 cetane diesel which is not readily available here. You can assume that our diesel is 40 cetane, so you can have 34% pump diesel and 66% Syndiesel to make 55 cetane (approx).

How about you guys get organized into a class and I will throw in some swag for prizes?

This is very cool - I might just buy one of these to have my racing project manager, Greg Hogue send our driver Jordan Leighton, to see how she can do in just a 1/4 mile.

See us next at the Houston Half Mile Land Speen event, May 12th.