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Originally Posted by rich123321 View Post
I feel as if you experienced more power gains from this. Any idea why? I want to have the same feeling you do even though im pretty happy with it. I already cleaned my sensor and everything. Do you think my sensor is damaged or i need premium fuel. Maybe it needs time to adjust more? Disconnect/reconnect battery?
Not sure, I just made sure everything was snug and secure and all the couplings were on well and tight.

However, I did sell my intake last night spacer and all, (I'm selling my car this week hopefully).. it's time for some twin turbo fun.

But one thing I did notice with the stock airbox/charcoal delete/k&N drop in/scoops, was that this setup was noticeably faster. I don't know if it's all just placebo or if my mind is playing tricks on me but the car is fast as shit without the intake. Wasn't expecting this at all to be honest. I actually got the TCS light going WOT into 2nd gear in a straight line.