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Originally Posted by BKap08 View Post
give us an overall review of it, whats new on it? what sucks on it? Im really only concerned with the turn by turn directions
turn by turn directions are FANTASTIC! very clear and concise instructions from my pal siri. it can be very helpful and useful but it is a heavy drain on the battery :/ you can also lock the screen and they'll still show you your directions while keeping the phone locked, you can also simply tap to return to navi if you accidently hit home button or need to use another app!

but it got me from NE Philly to Delaware Beach without a problem while my parents got lost using their tomtom. and 3D maps are astonishing, so detailed it's really incredible.

there's a more refreshed music section, with a sort of grey scale look to it, scrolling menus are grey while album art and pause rewind play screen is nearly all black asides from album art.

do not disturb, neat and very useful feature as well as call blocking as in someones calling and you cant answer simply swipe up like with the camera app on lock screen and you can either send that person an sms that you'll call them later or have siri set you a reminder to call them back at a certain time. not things to be used all the time but they can be helpful when you need em

safari has a landscape full screen mode with no toolbar or border which is pretty neat

siri is very helpful with sports and movies and places to eat, which is cool cus if you want to eat somewhere just ask her and then she can even give you the turn by turn directions! even ask her a sports question and she's pretty good with that!

most functionality is prettty much same other than those staple items that apple is promoting heavily such as the maps app.

any screenshots and stuff like that just let me know!
please excuse my informalities, im tab hopping waiting for iphone 5 pre-orders to start so i can get mine! ill add a screen shot of that too!
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