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My point was kind of expressing incredulity at the fact that no one seems interested in developing a solid aftermarket turbo solution when the money is obviously there for the taking. Half of the members on this board would probably not think twice about dropping $5-8K on a complete kit that offered 400+ whp. I think it might be more along the lines of not having the technical know-how rather than lacking the desire. The N54 is more of a 'traditional' turbo six in that it uses two tiny turbos much like the B5 S4. To go faster, simply upsize the turbos slightly and trade some lag for much more flow. With this dual scroll thing it is infinitely more complicated. I don't even know of any other production 6 cylinder with a single dual scroll turbo as a point of reference. I know the outgoing 911 Turbo used a couple of adjustable vane turbos. Anybody know of one?