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Finally JB4 G5,e85 yes,no?

I just ordered the jb4 g5, I plan on buying the dps dci and fmic very soon but i will be away for a few weeks on vacation, I plan to install the jb4 friday when it arrives I got it from a member here brand new.

to get the the point my question is, can I run about 40% e85 mix on stock car with jb4 g5 . Also what map will I need to run I will be at about 6800-7200 feet da on my trip back home.Im usually at close to sea level, Everyone around their uses e85 on bigger injectors and fuel pump of course at a high elevation, but I was wondering if I can run it on a completely stock car other than a jb4 g5 thank you. I will also be dynoing the car next week so I will post dyno sheets.

thanks guys-Denise