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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I read earlier in the thread to not neglect interval training.

Interval training is good for burning fat and losing weight, it keeps your metabolism running in high gear a little longer than just a slower, long run. But if your overall goal is distance and not necessarily speed, then you really don't need to worry about intervals. They help develop your speed a bit more than anything else.

5K is a good starting point. You can do broken miles or half-miles. Just run for a mile or a half a mile, then walk for a bit (recovery is really based on how you feel, if you are pooped, take a longer walk, if not, shorten it up), then after you feel ready, do another mile or half mile running. Eventually you can do a mile and a half run, then walk a bit, and go another mile and a half. Then soon you'll be able to run a full 5K with no walking.

You can do it, just don't push too hard too soon. You need to gradually go into it. Also, never EVER forget to stretch! Personally, I will start off by running in place for a while or doing jumping jacks for a bit, then bring it down and start a proper breathing and stretching technique. THEN go for your run. After you're done running, do a proper cooldown by jogging or walking slowly, breathing deep, then stop and do another stretch. Proper stretching prevents injury. Never stretch a cold muscle.
Thanks for the input. I keep forgetting about not pushing too hard too soon. So, your post is another reminder.

On Monday I increased my mileage by about 0.5 mile. In addition, instead of normal walk / run intervals, I felt like I could do faster than usual runs. So, I did it... Like that was not enough, for my "cool down" I decided to sprint up the hill, so I sprinted like I meant it... I realized that it was stupid right after my uphill sprint, because my knees started to hurt, very blunt uncomfortable pain... And it's different kind of pain from what I had before. It hurts on the inside.

Two days later that paid did not go away... I still have it... Will try to do good warm up, and see if I can run. Although I doubt it. So, I will most likely will just do like an hour walk. Man I feel stupid...
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