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Originally Posted by Ænema View Post
It's no trouble at all to adjust the fuel scalar.

Yes, you download Access Tuner Race from Cobb's site and then you just open whatever map it is you want to edit(S1+ aggressive in this case) then go into the fuel tables and then adjust the scalars(be sure to adjust BOTH bank 1 and 2.) The ATR help file includes a chart to help you get figure out what value to run. The goal is to keep peak fuel trim values in your logs below the mid 20s.

As far as data logging is concerned, give this thread a read. It's a good place to get started taking and reading datalogs.
Okay, downloaded VD, ATR, and APM. Put 3 Gal of E85 into a half tank of ACN 91 Octane and topped it off with 91, Resulting in a E24 mix 93.5 Oct.

The car seems to run smoother for sure. I left the flash on Stg 1+ Sport

Here are 2 datalogs 3 & 4th gear pulls in each. Please let me know if it looks okay, I tried to also monitor LTFT and STFT but for some reason it does not seem to have worked... Do I have to un select some stuff in order to be able to see those log values in my logs? Just a case of logging too many things at once maybe?

Ambient Air was about 98/99 F during these pulls. Thanks again for your help Ænema!!!
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