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I think this is the thread you want

What would be nice is if we could come up with a master list for all different E9xs... I could see possible differences between


then there's pre- and post-LCI

Now this is something that I'm usually good at pulling together because having worked on scads of old Studebakers I've actually cross-referenced tons of Stude factory part numbers to trade numbers or aftermarket part numbers (esp. for things like fan belts, generator brushes, things like that.) But that is a rabbit hole I don't really need to go down today when I should be looking for a job instead... I've already done the best job I could with the pre-LCI E92 which I actually have at my disposal to inspect (and what I actually need the bulb chart for...)

Anyway here I believe is the diagram that you want

and assuming that the rear fog is #6 in the diagram then yes that also is a H21W bulb.