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Originally Posted by GreekboyD View Post
Good luck. Many of them are clueless when it comes to diesels. I know a great BMW tech who works on the side. I've had great experience on my 335d at Parkview BMW. So so at BMW Toronto.

How many clicks on yours? You should post on the diesel side of the forums. Lots of great knowledge over there.
I'm going to Parkview on Friday. I have heard good things about them... and the fact you have to wait for an appointment.... it's actually a good thing. Need to worry when the stealership says "you can come in any time"... hmmmm.... why are they not busy? I won't go back to Ajax BMW because of their misrepresentation for CPO repairs and other 'non-technical' issues. Service advisers that forget you called, forget appointments, don't follow up, etc. Then on top of that the service manager telling me that when things are being repaired under warranty I cannot expect them to come back as good as new....... WTF?!? What is warranty for? What is repair for?

Sure hope all the chatter about Parkview being a good dealership is truth... anyone know a good service adviser to work with on CPO?? Ajax seems to defer the work and try to not service you.... BOOOOOO on that.