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2B63 Cam Sensor FAULT - Replaced everything! Please help!

Hi all,

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read this. At my wits end and really need a hand!

I've been getting a 2B63 code (camshaft sensor B - exhaust), along with some intermittent stalling/rough idling. The car feels less powerful, and doesn't change gears smoothly.

I've got an engine light up, with only the 2B63 fault been spat at me constantly, as soon as I clear it with the car running, the fault will return in about 3 seconds or so.

I've replaced:

- Valvetronic Servo Motor (and gasket)
- Eccentric Shaft Sensor
- Both VANOS Solenoids
- The exhaust cam sensor (and swapped the 'fault sensor' with the intake)
- Battery
- Throttle body
- Ignition coils
- Spark plugs
- Valve cover gasket

Problem still persists that the car displays a check engine, and a 2B63 (alongside the universal P0366).

Very desperate for any suggestions, please help!