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Okay, so I bought my sprint booster for my 07 e92 328xi auto yesterday from Turner. I went to install it today and here's the out come.

The instructions are scribbles of nonsense that are universal for all cars and explain nothing, leaving you to figure out assembly on your own. Plugging it in is self explanatory but everyone has a different foot pedal set up, but you're left on your own to figure out how to take It off.

After getting your pedal off and disconnecting the OEM wiring from the pedal (which comes out a little over an inch from the carpet to plug in) you have to take this large wire with what I refer to as a "small house" attached to it, and try to figure out where the hell to put it after connecting.

There is no where in between the pedal and carpet that this can fit with out getting in the way of the pedal clearance (unless you want to do some modifications which I don't plan on doing)

So what I was told should take "5 minutes" took me an hour to try and figure out what the hell to do with the "small house" attached to this wire... I ended up removing it and plugging the pedal back into the OEM harness.

If any one has any idea where to put the excess wiring and the freaking house attached to it after install, please lmk.

*I refer to part of the SB as a "small house" for the simple reason it's small but huge for the area it needs to be in, incase anyone didn't understand my humor*

I ended up cutting a little slit in my rug to give the wire more room to move.. The part I was having trouble with wasn't the extra wiring, it was the connector that plugs into the OEM Wiring. It's a small square.

Drove with it and has an extremely noticeable difference.
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