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Originally Posted by magic77 View Post
cool thanks lons ultralase seem to be a good company if anything if big names use them they should be ok for us mortals :d

had one full consult with them and I'm ok to get both standard laseer and the waveform type,

waveform suppose to give better night visiion with less halos etc but according to them my eyes dont need it,

might go to another one firm and see what they say as that way can average out the replies and see what it all says
Not sure what you mean by wavefront giving better night vision and less halos.

As I understand it. Wavefront technology gives the best chance of ANY vision as it maps the eyes to pinpoint specific defects we all have.

The object is I think to achieve the smoothest possible surface at the best curvature and therefore the more advanced and accurate the laser is - the better the result possible.

Mine was intralase (because there are more likely to be problems using a blade - and I'm a wimp), with wavefront and if I had to do it again, would have exactly the same.

There is a distinct possibility of halos but they will usually diminish or dissapear. mine took 9 months to disappear totally but just a minor inconvenience.

from the website:

"These laser eye treatments offer the best vision quality available from any eye treatment. Using the most advanced Wavefront technology Ultra Elite is more precise and accurate enhancing your eye's natural ability giving you the best vision quality. This treatment is not available from any other national clinic.

Wavefront is a sophisticated computorised diagnostic aid which 'reads' your eye to identify areas with microscopic flaws. These are then plotted on a chart and transferred to the laser together with iris recognition information to ensure accuracy and safety. Ultra Elite uses the very latest Wavefront technology resulting in an even more precise and accurate treatment.

At your FREE laser eye consultation, we help you choose the vision correction treatment that's most appropriate to you. We also explain our wide range of payment options designed to suit your budget and make laser eye treatment affordable. We guarantee there will be no hidden extras and you will never be surprised by extra charges. Laser eye surgery treatment can be from just 1,995 per eye. With a 5 years interest-bearing plan, you will pay from around just 5.18 per week. What price clear eyesight? We think it's priceless. Priceless is now affordable."

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As an afterthought - They are I believe still offering 3 years interest free with the first year no payments - def worth checking out!!