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Originally Posted by matsarge View Post
You're right, that's exactly what I said in my full with sarcasm response. You take yourself very too seriously.
Originally Posted by ADHD View Post
U thought that post was serious!
Keep telling that to yourself bud,,,maybe the day u can afford one youll actually like the interior...kinda funny how that works huh,,,, hMM do i smell jealousy
Wait, you guys thought I missed the sarcasm?
Wow, people here aren't as observant as I thought. The reason his respone proved I was right is because he didn't make an actual rebuttal and resorted to sarcasm showing he had no legitimate counter-argument.

@ADHD No jealousy at all. I have no desire to own a Corvette. Also, the "afford one" comment was rather moronic because a base C6 costs about the same as my car.
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shit, if i had that kind of money id buy a gtstreet for monday, an ascari a10 for tuesday, a DBS for wednesday and id just ride jessica alba the rest of the week.