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Trying to infer intentions based on rhetoric versus actions is a silly argument. If I'm to understand the Democrats on this thread's perception:

Democrats hold firm to their beliefs = principled.
Republicans hold firm to their beliefs = obstructionists.

It would be such an easier conversation if folks on the Democratic side would just be honest about it.

Congress is a co-equal branch of gov't, not subservient to the President - in any way. If legislation needs to pass, they are forced to compromise with each other if the party affiliation of those equal branches differ. And as of the largest example of actions, not rhetoric being measured - they both walked away from the Deficit grand-bargain in the beginning of the year - so there is plenty of blame.

The most notable example of obstructionism was the passing of the healthcare law where Republicans were literally shut out of committee meetings, not allowed to amend bills and passed a non-budget piece of legislation via reconciliation when it didn't qualify in order to pass the largest piece of public-sector legislation ever.
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