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Originally Posted by quattrogmbh View Post
It really does last as long as it says on the tin..

It drops back a bit toward the end of its life, but the great part is you can do spot repairs with G1. For example, just reapply it where it starts to fail (Typically where the wipers change direction)

You'll also find that where grime do longer sticks to the wiper blades, that you'll develop a greasy film on the glass. Just clean it with some Fairy liquid and normal service will be resumed.

As with all products of this nature, good preparation is vital. If the glass is not chemically clean, G1 will not bond and lifespan will be much lower.
+1 the wipers will judder after application but this will dissapear after a few rain showers.

A lot of the G-techniq products are the same product but re-bottled with differant names, ie C1, C4 and C5 are the same product i think.

There was a long tedious thread about this on Detailing World a lot of handbags were thrown around at the time as per usual.
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