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Originally Posted by M5Rick View Post
So the general onus is on the poor decision by Southgate bringing in substitute players to take the 3 failed PK's instead of the full time ones well spooled into the match, unbelievable for someone as experienced as Southgate and did other factors play into his decision..
Yes, Southgate should take a lot of the blame but I think the players needs to own up to this as well. After Shaw scored that ultra quick goal only 2 minutes in, England packed it in and played conservatively. Especially in the second half, Italy cranked it up a few notches and were by far the aggressors and attacked relentlessly. I think the general view is that Italy was the better team and that includes the entirely of the tournament.

BTW, Jorginho must be happy to have recently won the Champions League and now the Euro Cup although he choked on his PK. Was the hero against Spain and almost the goat against England.
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