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Originally Posted by NorthernDancer View Post
1. how far away is a very good BMW garage that's not a dealership?
2. if you only have access to a BMW dealer, anything will be expensive
3. find out where the 335 guy gets his work done
4. do you have difficult safety inspections like the Germans?
5. can you live and work if your car is in the garage for 2,3 or more days?
Off hand I might go with the 335 because the owner can show you receipts for extensive work done.
Talk directly to the mechanic [if possible] who would be working on the car. Possibly same person the present owner uses.
Hopefully receipts show at least 2 oil changes per year.
Many of us in North America will get a PPI [pre purchase inspection] done before buying a car
Good Luck
1) Not far, 2 such garages are directly in my city where I live, and from what I could find about them, they carry a good reputation.
2) My biggest concern is about spare/replacement parts rather than the price of a repair. I still think that cars beyond certain age are irreparable without searching for parts in 2nd hand market. Ideal case would be another 4-5 years that I can get parts directly from BMW, and have the repairs done outside of authorized car service centers. Should parts become very hard to obtain without reaching to 2nd market, that's where I draw the line for any car.
3) Will do.
4) Depends. Everything that is within specification of the car from factory will pass through. I would have to do heavy tuning or have that car in very bad state - I can either find somebody and pay that person to allow the car to pass (and have tuning stuff written down to papers for that car), or I will not pass, like bad brakes, bad lights etc.
5) Yes I can. My city has great public transport network (I live in Europe), and I have been using some form of public transport most of my life, so it's not a big inconvenience.

Of course, PPI is a no-brainer, this is something that people here actually expect, and if they would attempt to talk me out of it, then I simply won't buy the car.

I also would love to go for that 335i, despite my weak experience behind the wheel of any car, but this decision is heavily contigent on the point 2) I answered above. I simply cannot afford to sunk 15k+ into the car that I cannot get serviced with parts straight from BMW. Of course I understand that some stuff can be easily replaced by aftermarket parts (and I don't mean tuning, but maintenance), but I would absolutely want to source parts for any problem directly with engine straight from BMW, and not some shady reseller. If this is something I can expect down the line in 1-2 years, then any discussion about where to service the car is moot in my eyes.
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