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2008 335i being retarded

Morning everyone I'm Delvis and I'm new here. I got a 2008 335i with about 140k miles on it, worked on this pos countless amount of times but last year before leaving to the military it took the hardest shit on me I have ever seen.
So for starters I was doing some maintenance. I changed spark plugs, coil packs, valve cover gasket, o2 sensors both up streams and down streams, and installed down pipes. I went to drive and it was perfect, pulling harder than ever. Then on the way back I floored it and shit entered limp mode and started to misfire, then I scanned it and got a 30ba so I got my mosfets replaced and installed the dme back in and same code again so I bought another set of coil packs and spark plugs and now I'm getting a 30bb. Also got hella codes popping up and car sounds so disgusting. After a year of being parked I finally got the chance to go back home and check it out again, got new vanos, coil packs, and spark plugs. Haven't been able to check injectors, and for some reason I don't hear my car priming before start up, on top of that when my clutch isn't engaged it sounds like it's rattling, I was able to at least start it up this past week but it sounds like a shit show. I just wanted to see if anyone could kind of guide me around based on their experiences with their problems, thank y'all so much and I hope y'all have a great day
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