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Exclamation Help needed: Error codes 2d06, 29e1, 29e0.

Good evening all I hope you are well.

I am new to the forum and a new and proud BMW owner as my first car.

I recently purchased a E92 325i, 56 reg, auto, 96k miles and have one major issue.

The car has the above error codes (my friend has the snap-on diagnostic tool, not sure what model but he uses it in his garage) and has diagnosed the 3 in the title, 2D06, 29E1, 29E1, the CEL is on, and reappears once reset and cleared.

When I start the car the car wobbles/ shakes slightly and you can hear the engine going up and down in revs, it jumps up to maybe 1k/1.1k revs then fluctuates for 20/30 seconds between 600/1k then drops just around 500, the car sounds like it wants to stall then it settles at 600.

I recently did a 45 mile journey in the car and the car seemingly stalled, I put my foot on the accelerator and received no input, I turned the car off, put into park then back into drive and it drove fine with no issues.

This has happened 3 more times over an hour long drive where I had to restart the car, however I took it for a 1hr30 drive yesterday and the car ran perfectly and didn't stall once.

I have used Holts Easy Start spray and could not find any leaks within the engine bay, I have changed the air filter and the issue still persists, however when I unplugged the MAF sensor the car ran a lot better, not perfect but a lot better at idle, no more rev jumping.

I have ordered Liqui Moly Air Flow Sensor cleaner to see if this will help remedy the issue and I am thinking about getting a smoke test done to see if any vacuum leaks could be the issue.

I am wondering if anybody has had these issues before and if anyone could please assist!

Thank you all, and I hope to share my journey with everyone on here

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