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Originally Posted by S3RI35 View Post
WOW... that's quite the trek!! and great scenery too!! How'd you manage to pull all those hours solo? I guess a brand new car can do that to ya!

My longest solo drive was from Durango to Austin last Fall, but I was given strict instructions to overnight in El Paso There was absolutely nothing to see on the road once I hit Albuquerque... not to mention all of west TX. At least you can (legally) do 85 mph on I-10
My buddy Yodaime was supposed to be my co pilot but mister 144mph in a 70 had traffic court the day I flew out and I had to go solo. It was the most awful experience once I hit Texas. I woke up early and left L.A. at 6am (still in my pj shorts and a tank top) It was an amazing fun drive until I hit border patrol just beyond El Paso. Keep in mind I had bleach blonde hair, a hot pink Victorias Secret tank top in a 1 day old BMW and they were questioning if I was an American. That took forever. By then it was night fall and I was just starting to enter the Texas desert after 17 hours of driving and still had about 6 more hours to go. I was beyond tired. NO LIGHTS on the roads and DEER everywhere. I had to slow from 85mph to about 30-40mph because these stupid deer were just in the roads everywhere. If I hit one I could easily total my car where no one would find me or kill myself. My client advisor kept calling me every few hours to make sure I was awake and alive. I nearly fell asleep at the wheel twice. I had as much redbull in my system in one night than one person does probably in a month. I cried twice out of frustration and exhaustion. I hit a racoon. was not fun in that desert whatsoever. When I finally pulled into my driveway in Louisiana.... I felt like I just won the olympics. I dont know anyone personally that can say they drove for that long straight with no co pilot. So it made me feel amazing that I did it.