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Originally Posted by SIKH335 View Post
smi the shit talking was unwarranted as I own the car and will run it as I see fit. Don't be hurt if someone does not give you the info that you feel you somehow deserve because you are a member of the BMW world. When the Transmission issue is sorted out I will be piloting the car and posting results as they are available. Since the Single is not so dependent on weight reduction results will be with full interior and my heavy self.
Fair enough. No hard feelings for me, i have no doubt your cars a beast.

Have you thought of slapping a trans cooler on it, just for shits, cant hurt. Im having one done soon, not saying its the fix, but cant hurt.

Im heavy too 230lbs trying to teach my gf to launch as she weighs 120lbs just for fun and as she likes driving fast it will keep her involved.

Anyway best of luck
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